sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

The keen one - Getaway

The keen one - Getaway - 2009

01. keep movin’ feat. Young DE (produced by Fredwreck, cuts by TRT)
02. hit that shit feat. B-Real, Reg Riddem & ILL BILL (produced by B-Real)
03. legal drug addict (produced by DJ Starscream [Slipknot])
04. getaway feat. Sen Dog and Zed (produced by Charles Patierno)
05. american fun (produced by Sumone)
06. why do i do it feat. Reg Riddem (produced by RAVAGE, cuts by DJ Haze)
07. burn ride (produced by Vanderslice)
08. pass it around feat. Reg Riddem & Sekreto (produced by BAER)
09. i got it feat. Mike Tenor [aka Galvatron78] (produced by JRB)
10. stoner’s prayer feat. B-Real (produced by Zed for Chemical Studio Productions)
11. we don’t understand (produced by Agent B)

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