miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Hollow Tip - Flawless 2

Hollow Tip-Flawless 2 - 2009

01. Hustla Musiq Ft. Bueno And Sav Judah
02. Superstar Ft. J-Noxx
03. Talking Money Ft. Mr. Blap And 80-West
04. She On Me
05. Extra Bossy Ft. Mr. Blap
06. I Believe Ft. Nikateezy
07. Blow Up 2
08. On Everythang Ft. Smigg Dirtee, Irocc And Sav Judah
09. Still Flawless
10. Cutie Pie Ft. Nikateezy
11. We Shining Ft. Boey Rock And Mr. Skrillz
12. Merc Gang Up Ft. Mr. Blap
13. Extra Bossy (Remix) Ft. Luni Coleone
14. The Grind Ft. Mic-C And RC-Loc
15. Rise 2 Power

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