sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

Yukmouth - Free At Last

Yukmouth - Free At Last (2010)


1. Free At Last (Feat. Country Black)
2. The Life (Feat. Ya Boy, Jay Rock, London)
3. Laughin At You Clownz
4. 2-11 (Feat. L.E.P. Bogus Boys)
5. She Want It (Feat. Rankin Scroo)
6. Smell It On Me (Feat. Gudda Gudda, Titty Boy, D-Golder)
7. 100 Brick Boy (Feat. Lucci)
8. Lets Get It, Lets Go (Feat. Lil Hype, Ampichino, Lee Majors, Tha Realest, Freeze. Rah-Man, Matt Blaque)
9. Bang Bang
10. Shine (Feat. Messy Marv, Choppa City)
11. West Iz Back (Feat. Roccett, 2Eleven)
12. Rise 2 Da Top
13. Dats Outta Here (Feat. Mistah Fab, Chop Black)
14. The Hard Way (Feat. Jannine V)
15. So Trill (Feat. Lil Hype, Dru Down)
16. Pac-Man
17. Smokin Trezz (Feat. Currency, Chop Black)
18. Hubba Rocks (Feat. Stevie Joe, Philthy Rich, Lee Majors)
19. Da Town (Remix) (Feat. Richie Rich, Beeda Weeda, Agerman, Kafani, Shady Nate, Lee Majors, G-Stack, London)

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