sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

Kurupt - Down And Dirty

Kurupt - Down And Dirty - 2010


1. Intro
2. Speak On It (Feat. Val C)
3. Anarchy
4. Throw Back Muzic
5. Riot In The Club
6. Stalkin
7. Can U Feel It (Feat. Potion)
8. Slide N Slide Out (Feat. Eastwood, Big Tri, Young Tone)
9. U Dont Kow Who U Fuckin Wit (Feat. Kokane)
10. Jealousy (Feat. Roscoe, M.O.P.)
11. Tha Past (Feat. Dave Hollister)
12. Bullshit And Nonsense
13. Calico
14. Hustlin (Feat. Big Tri, Young Tone)
15. Its A Wrap
16. One Thangs For Sure (Reprise) (Feat. Danny Boy)
17. Put This Money Right There (Feat. Petey Pablo)

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