miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

P-Money - Money Over Everyone

P-Money - Money Over Everyone - 2009


01. Intro
02. Single Words (Prod. By Mastermind)
03. Left The Room (Prod. By Sukh Knight)
04. Fruits And Veg (Prod. By Matt-U)
05. 1 Up (Prod. By Royal T)
06. Cool Safe (Ft. O.G'z, Drifter And Lady Leeshur) (Prod. By
Kaos/Beat Creatures)
07. Nah Breddah (Prod. By SNK)
08. Never Had One (Prod. By Rude Kid)
09. Danger (Ft. Craiigg And Dean Whodini) (Prod. By Royal T)
10. Cash In My Pocket (Ft. Wiley And Frisco) (Prod. By Scratcha
11. They Dont Understand (Ft. Little Dee) (Prod. By Dot Rotten)
12. Crazy (Remix) (Ft. Little Dee And Craiigg)
13. Hot Ones (O.G'z Madness)
14. Look How Many (Ft. Germs And Blacks) (Prod. By Sukh Knight)
15. Man Wanna Know (Prod. By Dreamer)
16. Or What (Ft. Kozzie) (Prod. By Crazy Banditt)
17. If Mans Talking (Prod. By Silencer)
18. Nobody (Prod. By Dreamer)
19. Im O.G'z (Ft. Little Dee And Blacks) (Prod. By Gumzy)
20. Gameover (Prod. By Maniac)

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