domingo, 3 de mayo de 2009

Sick Jacken - Stray Bullets


01 Live From The Caves ft. Donnie Castro & Cynic
02 The Sickside ft. B-Real
03 Praying Mantis (Goodlife Remix) ft. DJ Muggs
04 The Fall Of Us ft. Black N Brown Underground & Cynic
05 Ceremonial Slang ft. DJ FM & Planet Asia
06 Out Here (Remix) ft. The Concrete Saints
07 Death Frees Every Soul ft. DJ Muggs vs. Planet Asia
08 The Society Of Psychos ft. The Society Of Invisibles
09 Sick Life ft. Snowgoons, Cynic & Bacardi Riam
10 Hollywood Drive-By (Remix) ft. Immortal Technique & B-Real
11 Trial And Adversity ft. Cynic & The Concrete Saints
12 Angles And Demons (Remix) ft. DJ FM & Killah Priest
13 Metal Rain ft. Cynic
14 Black And Brown Army ft. DJ Babu & Chace Infinite
15 Sinister ft. Swollen Members
16 Death Or Retirement ft. Toomer, 2Mex & B-Real
17 Born In L.A. ft. Evidence & Chace Infinite
18 Life, Luv, And Pain ft. Young Sicc
19 Paid Dues ft. Murs & Supernatural


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