jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009

IT S H.I.M-(the black hispanic, the beginning mixtape)

01-intro-(kay slay)
02-the beginning
03-old school what
04-loose cannons
05-hold on-(feat.pete hooks)
06-can`t harm me¡
07-my life style
08-smoke shop-(skit)
09-uptown (washh heigts)-feat.team ho)
10-coke way bway
11-can we eat-(feat.big dubez)
12-presidential-(feat.akon, pete hooks, yung bern)
13-it`s h.i.m
14-cheap ass nigga(skit)
15-ret bastard
16-keep it ghetto-(feat.rawcotiks, big dubez)
17-learn to listen
18-keep thinking-(feat.yung berns)
19-don`t mess with da fam-(feat.lou reinz, jeff valentino)
20-thug in you-(feat.pete hooks)
22-get money-(feat.pete hooks)
23-we winners
24-hustlers story-(feat.akon, biggie smalls)
25.it`s him again-(feat.cap)
26-how you gonna turn(fake)
27-lay your guns-(feat.drag-on, glock man, holy smoke, willie hays)
28-are you ryding



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