lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

Snipe: Promo 09

snipe is currently 18 years old from Australia, he currently is a Producer(of R&B,Rap and Grime) ,Event Co-Ordinator & ,Director of SAPE Web Designs on the side of things he is a Dancer(of Freestyle & Cwalk ) & Chief Executive Officer of his newly released Record Label (Back 2 Business Entertainment)

He has also previous launched his first project which was ‘DJ SNIPE Presents R&B Volume 1’ where he Managed, Host and Promoted to which reached 1600+ Downloads, he is currently working on to host 4 more mixtape complication series to be released throughout this year. As well shortly after the hosts he will be producing for local and international artists(In Area of R&B,Gime & Rap)with associated artists Bulley & Syko.

Also recently he has been behind the scenes of Event Co-ordination and Organisitation with some major festivals in West,South and Inner Sydney surrounds. Which was a mega blast during 28th March-4th April 2009

After shortly completing his planned hip hop dance videos, which can be stream online on youtube(, he will be shortly be Practising,Managing,Performing & Promote his planned cwalk videos.

On the side of things, he currently is the Director of SAPE Web Designs, a Web Design Company based in Sydney, Australia that services Online Marketing, Graphic Design, Design & Business Research & Management.
Also on his new place role of Chief Executive Officer of Back 2 Business Entertainment he specializes in Events,Management, Online Marketing & Overall Business Development of the new Record Label.

Get ready for the spark of snipe!!

AIM Account: firexspit

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