miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009

Cunninlynguists - Strange Journey Volume One

1. Departure
2. Nothing But Strangeness f. Looptroop Rockers & Hilltop Hoods
3. Lynguistics [Live In Stockholm]
4. Move
5. Inverse – Spark My Soul f. Substantial
6. Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)
7. Hypnotized f. PackFM & Club Dub
8. Dance For Me [Remix]
9. Mr. SOS – Die For You
10. White Guy Mind Tricks
11. Georgia [Remix] f. Killer Mike & Khujo Goodie
12. KKKY [Remix] f. Skinny DeVille and Fishscales of Nappy Roots,
Young Chu & Sheisty Khrist
13. Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes) f. Slug of Atmosphere
14. Tonedeff – The Distance
15. Broken Van (Thinking Of You) f. Mac Lethal
16. Billy Joe’s Garage [To Be Continued]


CunninLynguists - "Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)" [MUSIC VIDEO]

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